Factors to consider when buying a winter coat


Winter is all about layering. When the temperatures drop, we tend to look for outerwear and heavy clothes to protect us from the cold, rain and wind and help us stay warm throughout the season. When buying outerwear such as winter coats, we must ensure we get the right one with the best material and functionality. So, how do you make sure you get the best coat that will last long?  Here are a few tricks to consider to get the right coat that matches your personality.

  1. Body type

The first thing to consider when purchasing a winter coat is your body type. You have to pick something that flatters and suits your body type. Just because a coat looks good on someone else doesn't mean it will look the same for your body type. Go with what works best for you.Consider if the coat needs to be belted or not. Also, consider if you want something with a button or zip or want to wear it open. If you have no idea what works for you, you can choose to try them out and find what works well for you.Purchase a coat that will flatter your body at Wayrates at affordable rates.

  1. Material

The material that a coat is made from matters a lot. This will determine if the coat will last longer or if it will withstand different conditions.  If it’s cold, look for something made from wool. Look for water-resistant and windproof coats when it’s wet and windy. Don’t buy a coat that you will end up not wearing since that will be very disappointing. Make sure the coat is also breathable enough to prevent you from overheating.  Make sure the materials of the rest of the outfits compliment each other to avoid looking like a clown.

  1. Neutral colour

If you are unsure about what colour to choose, choose neutral colours.  They may be referred to as "boring colours", but it is good to pick one or more coats in such colours. Such colours will go with almost everything in your wardrobe, including cheap cargo pants for men. If coats are a big part of your winter capsule wardrobe style, you will want to add colour, patterns and boldness. In this case, you probably have a closet full of coats, and the thing to avoid in this instance is choosing styles that are too similar!


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