Can you really get a virus on your iPhone? That is quite a valid question. iPhones are said to be the world's most advanced safe and secured smartphones. Features like App Transport Security with HTTPS and TLS Protocol & TLS pinning make the iOS almost impenetrable. If the users follow the best internet practices then an iPhone could not be attacked by a virus. But, if you don't be careful enough while using your iPhone then things might turn out to be different. It means all of the security features of iOS might fail to prevent the virus from getting into your iPhone.

When I advise people to learn how to remove a virus from an iPhone, I usually get this question- how do I know if there is a virus on my iPhone? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Whenever a virus manages to get into the iPhone then the consequences might be dire if the immediate action is not taken on time. If your iPhone shows the below-mentioned symptoms then you can be sure about the presence of a virus in your iPhone.

  • Poor performance and slower speed.
  • Apps are crashing unexpectedly.
  • Too many pops are appearing every now and then.
  • Your various iOS accounts are being charged for services that you never asked for.
  • iPhone battery is draining quickly and internet speed is inferior.

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How to remove a virus from an iPhone?

All of the Apple products are known best for their high-end performances. With iPad and iPhones, you can be sure of the advanced safety features against sophisticated cyber threats and crimes. As long as iPhone users follow the best internet practices, chances are almost negligible to none that any virus can get into your iPhone device. But, what if someone mistakenly ends up doing what he/she should not do on an iPhone?

Every day many people open a suspicious link or download an infected file due to which their iPhone gets infected with a virus. If you also have made the same mistake then you must take remedial action immediately to remove a virus from your iPhone or iPad. The earlier and the faster you adopt the troubleshooting steps, the better it will be for your device and stored data. Below are a number of steps that you can follow to eliminate the virus from your favorite iPhone.


  • Updating your iPhone's operating system is the first step in the direction to remove a virus from iPhone or iPad. By updating your iPhone not only will the virus be removed from your iPhone but also the performance will improve.


  • After the successful update of your iPhone software, you must restart your phone for better results. A simple restart of your iPhone cans rejuvenates the process, ram, and all hardware of your iPhone.


  • If the problem is limited to your search engine browser then without any second thought clear your iPhone browsing history. Once you delete the browsing history from your browser all the caches and cookies memories will also be deleted.


  • Scanning your iPhone with a certified antivirus program is definitely the best thing that you can do with your Apple phone to keep it protected against a virus attack.
  • All of the above-mentioned steps will be of no use if you don't respect the guidelines of the iPhone. Note that the iPhone has put in place various quality parameters that have to be met by every app to maintain the privacy and security of the iPhone users. If you can't download any app then it means that the app does not meet the quality standard. So, in such a case, don't commit a mistake that others do. Don't jailbreak your device.

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