The Air Quick Coupler is fittings designed for changing out lines quickly and easily. They are made to be connected and disconnected without the use of tools, or losing product. This eliminates the need to close valves, purge for trapped gases or bleed the system. Since they can be changed out without losing anything from the line, recharging becomes unnecessary.

These types of couplers are all about savings. Since they can reduce or eliminate fluid spills, this saves on product loss. The speed and ease of changing lines using a quick coupler saves on labor time and can also save on production uptime, connecting your machines to their fluid lines quickly.

Any time a line has to be disconnected and reconnected more than once a week, a quick coupler could be used. If you’re not sure if a quick coupler could work in your facility, here are some examples where they are being used today.

On the ground, in the air, or on the water - a lot of different types of vehicles use quick couplers. The airbrake lines between trucks and their trailers can be connected and disconnected with quick couplers. This is also a fast and simple way to couple railroad cars. Airplanes and boats also frequently operate with quick couplers. They can save space where they eliminate the need for a shut-off valve and can prevent leaks or spills.

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