Since its release in 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield have benefited from many extensions and downloadable content (DLC). Now Pokemon Sword and Shield have a new distribution event. Please choose to quickly Buy Shiny Pokemon

This event is only available until November 3, this time it is a Charizard. This Pokemon was issued to celebrate the winner of the Global Exhibition. 

The code you need this time is GL0BALCHAMP2021.To celebrate the winner of the Global Exhibition, Charizard based on used by the winner Leonardo Bonanomi can be obtained with the code GL0BALCHAMP2021.

In addition, GameStop stores across the United States are distributing Shiny Zacian free codes, the deadline is November 11. The Shiny Zamazenta free codes will continue to be distributed from November 12 to November 26.
These are not the only free Pokemon players will soon be able to get. Everyone who bought a copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl before February 21st can get a free Manaphy egg in their game. On November 19th, Nintendo Switch will launch Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which will update the classic Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game and add some popular quality of life features. 

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