Xingchang Fan Company wholesales and supplies all kinds of fan precision processing equipment, and it is also a professional fan sheave manufacturer. Let's introduce the relevant knowledge of the groove pulley.

An integral cylindrical bearing box matched with the fan. The bearing box is to fix the bearings at both ends of the cylindrical box body with ribs, and connect the oil sling pan to the inside of the box body close to the bearing. The end cover of the connected oil cup, the safety valve and the thermometer on the upper part of the box body are formed.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, simple manufacturing and installation, small size, light weight, low cost, good sealing, reliable performance, strong practicability, wide application range, and can effectively control the temperature rise caused by excessive grease lubrication. Under normal circumstances, the main abnormality of the bearing box is severe vibration, and the cause of the vibration is actually relatively intuitive, as long as the user observes it carefully.

1. The fan shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft, and the coupling is installed crookedly;

2. The casing or air inlet is rubbed against the impeller; the rigidity of the foundation is not firm;

3. The impeller rivet is loose or the impeller is deformed; the impeller shaft and the shaft are loose, or the coupling bolt is loose;

4. The connecting bolts of the casing and the bracket, the bearing box and the bracket, and the bearing box cover are loose;

5. Poor installation of the fan inlet and outlet pipes;

6. The rotor is unbalanced, causing wear of the fan blades.

In order to prevent these problems from affecting other components of the fan, and the effect of the fan can be used well, we must investigate and solve these problems. If you are interested, please continue to follow us: fan wheel.