8 packing rules of mover and packers in downtown Dubai you should know:
Moving to a new place is an exciting idea if it weren't for the difficult phase of packing and moving to downtown Dubai. People tend to gather materials and bond with their possessions in every place they live. But those same valuables can become a cause for concern when you move to a new place and have to pack up all your belongings. Either do it yourself or take the help of a moving company in downtown Dubai. Either way, it is important that you know the basics of packing rules. Moving and packing doesn't have to be disastrous. You need to plan what to take and what to throw away. If you live outside Dubai, such as in Abu Dhabi, you can also enlist the help of Movers and packers in Downtown Dubai, but it is definitely advisable to take the lead.

Identify the extras:
Not everything in your home needs to be packed. Full stop. You need to decide what is important and what you can leave behind or throw away. It's also an opportunity to do some charity and give away the excess stuff to those in need.

Form categories:
Instead of filling your boxes with everything. Set categories, e.g. separate categories for books, shoes, crockery, clothes, etc. You can also divide them room by room, e.g. separate boxes for kitchen utensils, a separate box for toiletries and so on.

Pack wisely:
Fill the box so that the heavier items are on the bottom and the lighter items on top. Fill the spaces in between with towels, paper or cloth.

Pack a box with the essentials:
Pack a box of daily essentials separately so you don't have to rummage through boxes to find the things you need.

Tape the box:
Tape the box generously to protect it. Your goal is to protect the valuables, not the tape. Make sure you have taped the corners and bottom of the box as well.

Label the boxes:
All packed boxes look the same. To identify things, you should label the box with a list of the items stored inside.

Talk to the professionals:
You can pack small household items yourself, but for large items such as electronic equipment, furniture, etc., you should enlist the help of professional movers.

Book well in advance:
It is advisable to book the services of packers and movers in downtown Dubai in advance, especially if it is an overseas move. The influx of people coming to or leaving the UAE never decreases and moving services are always at capacity. Booking early can save you from delays in your schedule.