Although it is painful to start OSRS GP over but once I began playing, I could not stop. Mobile release has been a huge aid. It's very simple to play wherever you are. It's great to be able to learn while on lunch breaks.

I'd like to know if anybody is currently playing beta. Also, what are your thoughts about whether or not you will utilize it. And if it will be successful. Is Jagex prepared to handle the mobile world, where cheating is just as prevalent as it is in the regular game? Although I believe they are trying to stop cheating, I doubt that any of their methods to prevent cheating will be successful.

I personally look forward to playing on-the-go. I think I could manage playing the game on my own but sitting in a recliner and playing the game isn't my style. Even more so given the number of other games to choose from.

This likely leads to more discussions about the portability. Given the successes of the Nintendo Switch, it's easy to see why mobile would make a good choice to draw users. But, I am convinced that Jagex will begin focusing Runescape on mobile players in the event that they decide to do this

I'm also of the opinion that RS could be a very different mobile game from the rest in terms of mechanics and due to the fact that it was created online. I'd assume better functionality is available for players who play online, but perhaps my mindset is too narrow. I can't imagine me putting my equipment at risk by bossing or PVPing.

The "wait 10 seconds after rs3 gold you logout" feature on mobile is also a little odd. If you need to get something done quickly, most mobile games let you exit and restart the game. It is necessary to wait until the monster dies before you log off. While it's an inconvenience of a small magnitude, it would mean that all PVM/PVP mobile games will be radically different from any other game on mobile. It's unclear how new players will react.