In the present scenario, education has become dynamic, with the fusion of offline and online education. So, the type of textbooks used are also changing rapidly. Many educational institutions struggle to develop the textbooks themselves. So, they often take the help of professional textbook development services providers. But, for optimal results, institutions and eLearning companies should carefully select textbook development companies. Some of the points they should consider while hiring them are discussed in this blog.


Quality of SMEs

Having a stronghold on the subject is not enough for writing good textbooks. The Subject Matter Experts should have enough experience in interaction with the students. It has been observed that SMEs with sufficient teaching experience develop the best textbooks. And, most of the top textbook development service providers hire experienced experts only.  


Subjects Covered

If the service providers do not cover all the subjects offered by the institutions, then the client institutions will have to shuffle between the different service providers. It may prove inconvenient for them. So, the institutions should always check the subjects covered by the textbook development companies before hiring them.   


Availability of Animators, Graphics, and AR-VR Experts

When it comes to ebooks, making them interactive is important. The best textbook development companies have experienced animators, graphic designers, and AR-VR experts who have sufficient expertise in developing interactive learning content. Such interactive eBooks help to increase the efficiency of the learning process.      


Multilingual Services

In today’s globalized world, institutions provide learning services across the world. So, students from different countries enroll in their courses. Hence, it is very important to localize their learning resources. Many quality service-providing companies offer textbook development services in all the major languages of the world. It opens up a lot of new markets for the institutes.         


Quality Analysis    

Proofreading and quality analysis are two important aspects of textbook development. Many inexperienced service providers might not have sufficient copyeditors. So, their textbooks often contain errors. The institutions must make sure that the service-providing companies offer complete quality analysis and proofreading services and an accuracy guarantee.


To Sum Up

If the institutions need quality textbook development services, they should keep in mind the following points:

  • SMEs should have experience in teaching and textbook development.
  • They should cover all the major subjects across academic levels.
  • They should be able to deliver quality interactive content for the ebooks.
  • They should offer services in multiple languages.
  • They should thoroughly proofread the textbooks before delivery.

And good textbook development companies like Acadecraft fulfill all these criteria.