Centrifugal fan is a relatively complex machine, mainly composed of air inlet, air valve, impeller, motor, main shaft, bearing drive, air outlet, etc. The centrifugal fan has different effects in different states. Not to mention different centrifugal fans? So what are the classifications of centrifugal fans? Now Xingchang Fan will analyze it for you.

Classification of centrifugal fans by pressure and function

1. Ventilator: The exhaust pressure of the ventilator is relatively small, not exceeding 0.015MPa;

2. Blower: The exhaust pressure of the blower is slightly higher, not exceeding 0.2MPa;

3. Compressor: The maximum discharge pressure of the compressor is from 1 to 100MPa or more.

Classification of centrifugal fans according to working principle

1. Centrifugal fan is the airflow that enters the impeller of the fan axially and mainly flows in the radial direction. This type of fan is made according to the principle of centrifugal action. Products include centrifugal fans, centrifugal blowers and centrifugal compressors.

2. Axial fan is that the airflow enters the fan axially and the impeller flows approximately along the axis on the cylindrical surface. Such fans include axial flow fans, axial blowers and axial compressors.

3. The rotary fan works by changing the volume of the air chamber by the rotation of the rotor. Common varieties are Roots blower and rotary compressor.

In summary, we understand their classification is equivalent to a general understanding of their similarities and differences, so that we can make better choices and judgments when choosing centrifugal fans. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: XingChang Fan.