Zhejiang Xingchang Fan Co., Ltd. was funded in Feb, 1979, now is located in provincial high-new technology industrial park of Xinchang, Zhejiang province. We are the member of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, and the Committee of China HVAC equipments.

Air conditioning maintenance inspection:

1. circuit magnetic, fan switch, fan motor is faulty.

2. Whether the air compressor crankshaft and solenoid valve are open or poorly grounded and whether the connection is loose.

3. compressor connection device is loose.

4. Vacuum line for instrument control panel.

5. Whether the evaporator is blocked.

Air conditioning maintenance judgment:

1, air conditioning maintenance if the low pressure gauge indicates too high or too low, and adjust the thermostat and does not work, the thermostat failure;

2. If the low pressure gauge and the high pressure gauge indicate that the pressure is too low, there is moisture in the system, blocking the hot gas bypass valve or suction throttle valve.

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