Refrigeration system of 12V Solar DC Freezer Manufacturing Exporter
Many dual-fuel refrigerators are actually modern versions of old gas absorption refrigerators, using a small gas flame to heat the refrigerant gas, thereby generating a refrigeration process. This means that a device with both a small propane burner and an electric heating element can produce the refrigeration process separately. Although the absorption cycle cooling system is fairly simple and does not require any motor-driven compressors or pumps, using electricity to heat everything requires a lot of energy. Using an electric heater to generate a refrigeration cycle would require a much larger battery and solar cell array than a refrigerator with a motor-driven compressor of the same size.

Another low-cost 12-volt DC refrigerator design uses solid-state electronics mounted on metal finned heat sinks. One side of the radiator is exposed to the air outside the refrigerator compartment, and the other side is exposed inside. They are very low cost and can be found at almost every truck stop. When connected to a 12 volt DC power source (usually a cigarette lighter socket), the inside of the radiator becomes cold and the outside becomes hot. By reversing the plug, the effect is reversed and the inside is heated. In addition to requiring a lot of battery power, the device rarely produces temperatures that are more than 30° F lower than the surrounding environment, so an 80° internal truck cab may only result in a refrigerator temperature of 50°-it’s not very useful until the weather gets cold When it may be able to reach a lower temperature.

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