Quinnox thrives with customer expectations in mind. You will be provided with the best software testing solutions for your company's requirements to operate efficiently with Quinnox as your provider for your growing needs. The solutions offer end-to-end ownership of testing involving the management of the whole testing process. A wide range of  process support are primed to overcome any challenges faced because of inadequate testing practices. Flexible engagement models devised by Quinnox’s specialists secure the testing services in OAT, UAT support, and SIT. The robust testing methodologies practised at Quinnox are designed in such a way that they meet 100% defect containment. Customized tools that are used speed up the reconciliation testing process.

Quinnox has been the prime provider of many companies and financial services in the field of software testing solutions. A proper testing automation framework improves test efficiency, lowers maintenance costs, minimises manual work, and increases test coverage. Quinnox makes use of the automation framework to perform regression and performance testing. Automation Framework (Qframe) comprises automated error reporting, data, test cases, pre-automated scripts for 2000+ test cases, specialised tools that support CSV, Excel, and XML formats. Q frame is a reusable framework that can be effortlessly extended to cover customised requirements from clients. Legacy system conversions to automated solutions at Quinnox are not only cost-effective but resource-efficient as well. Data migrations also involve software testing for ensuring that the objectives are rightly met.

Testing practices with dedication through leadership and constructive monitoring. Quinnox’s industry experts realise your software objectives, customise softwares accordingly and test to fix bugs or errors. A dedicated team of experts is assigned to ensure customized requirements are taken care of within the decided deadline. The benefits of reusable processes, templates, and components reduce efforts extensively. Software testing solutions sets more flexibility and power to your business processes by ensuring that their forward running is well-ordered. Reach out to us to know more.