With the continuous growth of data that needs to be processed in the current computer office, the storage capacity of the hard disk originally carried by the computer can no longer meet the information storage requirements of office workers. of insufficiency. After the advent of the all-in-one hdd docking station, it has beneficially solved the problems currently plaguing data office workers from many different aspects.

1. Production by heat transfer injection

Hot runner injection molding is an advanced plastic molding technology, which is more and more widely used. The use of hot runner mold technology can not only save raw materials, but also significantly improve production efficiency and product quality. According to the structure and molding process characteristics of plastic parts of mobile hard disk, the hot runner injection mold of all-in-one hdd docking station is designed, which not only improves the molding quality of plastic parts, but also improves the utilization rate of materials, production efficiency and economic benefits.

2. Automatic data backup

The old desktop cannot be used. If it is just to obtain data, it is recommended to remove the hard disk and try to read it through an external hard disk box. If you connect the hard disk box and find that it cannot be recognized or needs to be formatted, it is recommended to read the data by connecting to another normal host computer. This also reminds computer users who do not like to back up data, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular backup, the built-in hard disk automatically completes data backup, avoiding the problem of data loss caused by consumer forgetting.

3. Simple and easy to use

An important reason for consumers to choose an all-in-one hdd docking station is whether it is operable? In other words, whether it can be generally applied to computer users with different knowledge and cultural levels, in order to achieve the goal of popularizing and popularizing their products as much as possible, after many rounds of different experiments and research, they have developed a product that meets the needs of most computer users at this stage. Hard disk enclosure device, and has received good feedback from the computer market.

Compared with the traditional external hard disk, the all-in-one hdd docking station truly realizes the integration of the non-original hard disk from the outside of the computer to the inside of the computer. In the case of the original use effect, the increase of the internal storage capacity of the computer is completed, which is a technological product that meets the needs of future technological development.

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