And i don't see how, if tht was the situation, my friend would be able to have that amount of cash RuneScape Gold. Perhaps you've thought about whether or not the possibility that your friend had lied? LOOL and so true. Did this friend perhaps say what her combat level was in when she made all that money? This is a common question to all three.

Which one do I do? I reset each time I'm unable to do any floors. Do I have to do this? Do I set the lowest level for every class? Do I rush or all rooms? Are I able to earn xp even if I go to an end-of-the-line or do I need to get rid of everything? Should I train or dung? I level my att every 3 dungs right now. (32 att)

Fractite 2h and rapier I am able to use them? I'm using a Kratonite Rapier, because Tcmp made me one. Pianist said that. How long would 40/40/40 with 50 range/mage take for me? Aproximately 30/40 hrs in total. Does that sound right? What is the time that each of the F2P quests be when I complete all of em except Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer as well as Prince Ali Resuce?

I've decided to keep the str 10 higher than att/def. Range=Max is a limitless being at a level. Mage is one level lower than range. Are you all in agreement? I'd like to achieve 60 wc. I'll just try to wc the most efficient log I can. Should I sell the logs I collect up to 60 or FM them? Should I be training in hills or in fleshies? They are more efficient in xp but hillys give pray xp. Anyone want to tell me which gym to go to after 40/40/40? Tcmp didn't mention anything.

I saw around 300K this week. If all goes as planned I could hit the 1M mark before this weekend. Merch should be faster after that. Name Changed. Thank you! This is my way of making it shorter. This weekend, I'll be on for around 7 hours as I have an PD day scheduled for the Friday... Do I dung for 7 hours? Or camp at hillys? Or do I camp at fleshies to get the points RuneScape 2007 Gold? I'm willing to do either.