If you have been wondering about which blockchain app ideas will be most lucrative in the year 2022, then look no further. The developers at Innovecs are known as one of the top blockchain app development companies, and they have predicted the following 7 blockchain apps as the most likely to change how business is done today and in the years to come…

1) Decentralized Apps

Decentralized applications (DApps) are self-executing business applications that use blockchain technology. They live on top of a blockchain, meaning they are open source and transparent by design. As such, they can’t be controlled by any single party, whether that’s a developer or another company. This makes DApps an excellent option for streamlining and automating your business processes while maintaining complete transparency.

2) Supply chain management app

Blockchain supply chain management software is a cloud-based tool that helps streamline business processes and track end-to-end supply chain movements. This blockchain app automates activities such as updating purchase orders, processing bills of lading, tracking deliveries, and managing inventory across multiple warehouses and suppliers. Blockchain supply chain management software is well suited for small or mid-sized companies whose supply chains involve relatively few trading partners.

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3) Digital Identity-based Apps

By 2020, almost 10 billion digital identities will be created by humans. These identities will need to be kept safe and secure by institutions and enterprises while enabling them to share specific information only with those users who need it. Blockchain app developers can design identity management solutions that act as both a ledger of each individual’s identity information and a decentralized authorization system that provides access on-demand to only those trusted parties that require access.

4) Transportation & Logistics Apps

Blockchain technology has given way to a massive boom in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based investments. As these currencies have become more mainstream, blockchain’s possibilities have begun to spread outside of digital currency transactions, providing opportunities for a wide range of new applications—including transportation and logistics. Let’s take a look at seven uses of blockchain technology that will bolster your business growth in 2022.

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