Jordans 2019 Cheap, Due to the approach of Christmas and New Year’s Day, the recent period has been a peak period for new product releases for major sports brands. Major sports brands’ Christmas and New Year exclusive color sneakers are competing for sale. I believe Many fans and friends, like the editor, will feel dazzled. The release of many new sneakers also concealed the brilliance of the original celebrity sneakers to a certain extent, such as the signature sneaker Nike Zoom Freak 2, which we will introduce today.
New Jordan 2020, Nike launched the second generation of signature basketball shoes for the alphabet brother ushered in a brand new color-Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Alphabet Soup" color. The upper part of this new color matching uses beige as the basic color of the sneakers. In the heel part of the sneakers, Nike has added colorful letter patterns for embellishment, and these letter patterns all come from the initials of the letter brother's name. Nike uses this design to express its respect for Antetokounmpo. Fans and friends who are familiar with the alphabet basketball shoes, when they see this pair of Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Alphabet Soup" color matching, they should think of the Nike Zoom Freak 1" that Antelope once played in the Drew League. MVP" color scheme. That's right, the two pairs of sneakers are officially in the same line in terms of color matching.
Cheap Jordans UK, This brand new Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Alphabet Soup" color matching shoe body part uses a variety of material splicing technology. First of all, the main part of the shoe body of the sneaker is designed with a large area of ​​fabric material. The use of this fabric material can ensure the overall breathability of the sneaker. Secondly, on the toe and both sides of the body of this pair of sneakers, Nike has added part of the leather material for reinforcement to improve the support performance of the upper part of the sneaker. In the heel part of this pair of Nike Zoom Freak 2 "Alphabet Soup" color matching, Nike designed a triangular TPU module to ensure the support performance of the heel part of this pair of sneakers. At the same time, "FREAK" is printed on the TPU module on the heel of this pair of shoes, indicating the identity of this pair of sneakers as the signature sneakers of Giannis.
The midsole part of this pair of Nike Zoom Freak 2 color scheme uses a full palm Phylon foam solution to ensure the cushioning performance of the entire pair of sneakers in actual combat. In the forefoot part of the sneaker, Nike has added a fan-shaped Zoom Air cushion, which can improve the startup feedback of this pair of sneakers to a certain extent. In the midsole part of this pair of sneakers, Nike also added a rectangular carbon plate module to improve the torsion resistance of the sneakers, thereby ensuring the stable performance of the sneakers in actual combat.