Just as important as pattern and color are the design style of your space. In a traditional-style space, you can choose silk upholstery fabrics without thinking, exuding an elegant atmosphere. Linen looks casual and shows its best in a modern design style. Pair classic furniture with traditional style fabrics, and pair contemporary furniture with modern style fabrics.

If you plan to place the sofa in a sunny place, it is best to stay away from natural fabrics, such as linen and fabric, as it will fade over time. Dust may accumulate on certain types of fabrics, so hypoallergenic mats or microfiber fabrics are worth trying. If pets and children are part of your family, choose distressed vinyl, leather or outdoor fabrics. Anti-mildew and anti-mildew are the first choices under humid conditions. Since dust and friction may damage the sofa, cleaning the sofa once a month can extend the life of the sofa. Washable fabrics are one of the most popular choices and have a label that describes how to clean the fabric.

 To clean natural mixtures such as cotton blends or cotton threads, you need to seek the help of a professional interior cleaner. Different fabrics react differently to water. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the fabric, because some blended fabrics may shrink after washing.

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