New World is a fantasy-based MMORPG that allows players to master any craft they want, including weaving and using the finest fabrics to create armor, furniture, and more. Players can craft a lot of gear, and those that can be crafted at the highest level can make players feel truly powerful.

New players to this game should keep in mind that every refining and forging skill is related to other skills, so players need to upgrade a set of skills to become proficient at crafting the best products. To create layer 4 and layer 5 items in the "weaving" part of the game's refining system, players need a material called "Silk", here we will introduce you to how to craft Silk in this game.

How To Craft Silk

Crafting Components & Refining Process For Silk

As players will certainly be able to see in among the game's menus, Silk has some essential demands. The most important of which are the parts needed: 4 Silk Threads as well as 2 Sateen for every piece of Silk. Nevertheless, gamers will also require a Weaving ability level of 100 or higher and have accessibility to a Tier 3 Loom.

How To Get Silk Threads

Silk Threads can be harvested from Silkweed plants by utilizing a Sickle. Silkweed plants are high and light green with light purple blossoms which need to be simple enough to identify since they rise above the lawn by a reasonable margin. Gamers should be able to discover lots of Silkweed plants to gather north of Mourningdale, though must not venture there unless they prepare to tackle enemies who are normally between degrees 40 to 45.

How To Get Sateen

Sateen is a Tier 3 fabric that is made from Linen (a Tier 1 fabric) and also Solvent at a proper Loom. The Linen requires to be made from Fibers, which are harvested from the perfectly located Hemp plants, nevertheless, Solvent can only be found from robbery containers found worldwide.

Where To Find Looms

Looms can be found in settlements such as cities as well as communities and also can be chosen simpler if one seeks their icon on the map. The icon that notes the location of a Loom resembles a small house with upright lines inside that are implied to represent the threads of the various fabrics that can be crafted there.

How To Raise The Weaving Skill

One's Weaving skill will boost the much more the gamer collaborates with fabric and develops things such as armor and home furnishings. Some level-grinding is feasible by continually improving lower-tier materials as well as items, plus, gamers can likewise offer those items for some revenue.

Additionally, players could focus on event higher-tier resources while they are underleveled by slipping into harder areas, though this can be a huge wager as the proportionately much more powerful adversaries there will certainly not keep back. Likewise, one's Harvesting and Tracking skills might not even be high adequate to execute this method, so beware before trying it.

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