We are here to improve your driving experience Our experienced and specialized technicians are passionate of BMW From the Sedan to a M3, we realize and love BMW.

Great Value BMW Service

At BMW Service Center Dubai, we recognize that the servicing needs to match around your lifestyle, which explains why we offer a selection of servicing solutions that ensure we meet your preferences swiftly, and our impressive experience guarantees a good job.

Our expertise derives from our belief in the BMW ethos of quality, efficiency and innovation, which we can offer you the most effective in servicing. BMW have constructed both their Service Inclusive and Value Service options around these three pillars of success, and as we simply use Genuine BMW Parts and probably the most current BMW servicing technologies available, we bring you the unparalleled service that the BMW owners expects.

How we compare to a BMW engine repair dubai

At Wagen Kenner we are committed to generate you the highest quality without a bargain with every Oil service, inspection a couple of we carry out full diagnostic using BMW diagnostics tool. We also carry out full vehicle check as standard for the peace of mind. We also clear all the engine and gear box adaptation if the vehicle is auto reset service light. Your BMW serviced with a specialist BMW service center provides far greater benefits and awareness of detail when compared to a BMW Dealer. Our BMW service has a thorough set of checks. Our workshop has the latest equipment, which allows our qualified technicians and mechanics to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently.

Types of Service

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- BMW engine repair Dubai
- Rolls Royce repair in Dubai

The Interim and Full service schedule descriptions we provide are only helpful tips of what we do and may differ about what Manufacturer service schedule says, some additional items maybe required to comply along together with your satisfaction. However, we always provide a whole quote before anything additional is carried out.