That might imply blizzard would have to receive an employee thats not only a developer and we can not have that.Why would Blizzard invest money to hire employees to wow classic gold prevent botters that are selling gold that Blizzard is earning money from?

When the community needs botting to end it needs to crack down on people who profit from botting - that the folks buying gold.

All these are simply a few of the things that is going to have to be implemented to curb this matter. Until they handle it from those aspects, it ai not goin anywhere.

It sucks that GDKPs are so mad for pugs. I'm not broke, but I think its ridiculous that people pay 5-10k for things in a raid. I've never experienced this before in the MMOs that I play.

Maybe in ESO when a Divines would drop for somebody and they would sell it to a few of the other trial-goers.Individuals in competitive environments are ALWAYS going to carry matters to an extreme if the acting ability allows it. The duty is on the ability to prevent such frustrations, not the players to self-police themselves from it.

You do not understand the buy gold classic wow idea of meta-creep should you hold this opinion. If a community includes a couple hundred or fewer members, then perhaps your idea holds merit, but when there are literally a million+ individuals involved, it is inevitable that the most optimal strategies are going to rise to the top no matter any tried neighborhood police.