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  • Choose the appropriate type according to your needs
    Standing office desks are subdivided into several types according to different demands and uses. Then let’s understand the differences and characteristics of each style: 1. Fixed height type: available for people who work mainly on standing If it is a position such as an exhibition hall or a counter that needs to stand constantly to maintain mobility, you can directly choose a desk with a...
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  • I'm tired from sitting for a long time
    Working with computers every day, the pain in the waist and neck becomes commonplace over time. Leaving the computer office is really an impossible task. I believe many people will have the same troubles as me. It is said that the body is the capital of the revolution, and we must not sit still. Sitting in the same posture for a long time in front of the computer, the neck, back, and waist are...
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  • Whether you should buy a stand-up converter
    As the number of office workers continues to increase, more and more “head-downers” are beginning to realize the dangers of sedentary life, forcing them to start looking for a stand-up work mode or an alternate work mode. The adjustable desk converters and the height adjustable desk can meet their needs. Compared to a standing desk, an adjustable converter seems to be more...
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  • Benefits of electric standing desk
    A desk refers to a desk equipped for convenient work in daily work and social activities. With the development of technology, electric standing desk has gradually entered people's field of vision. I believe that if you sit at your desk for a long time, your cervical spine will feel uncomfortable. At this time, you need to stand up and move around properly, even if you want to stand up and work,...
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  • How to install the TV lift
    First of all, it is very important to choose a suitable electric tv lift wall bracket, so that the design of the bracket must be rigorously calculated and tested many times, and the strength and durability are relatively guaranteed. When choosing a rack, you should pay attention to the following: Pay attention to the classification of flat-panel TV lifts. At present, the racks on the...
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  • The normal operation of the LCD lifting column
    For the LCD Lifting Column to work normally, it needs three conditions: power supply, reset circuit, and oscillation circuit, none of which are indispensable. Let's talk about the details of the three conditions below. Power supply The power supply of the LCD screen lifter is provided from the power supply, and the voltage is 3-5V, which is an uncontrolled voltage, that is, it enters an...
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  • Why choose a custom adjustable table
    Advantages and disadvantages of using a custom adjustable table With the development of the office furniture market, consumers' thinking has become more active. Now most companies choose to custom adjustable desk. But while customizing office furniture, there are also many problems. Advantages of adjustable table customization: Choosing a custom adjustable table can make the office collocation...
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  • What role does electric lifting column play in electric standing desk
    The electric standing desk is a desk designed for learning. The electric standing desk can be adjusted to the most comfortable height according to personal height or desired comfortable height. Electric standing desks are composed of electric standing desks, desk lifts and other furniture accessories. The desk lifts are important furniture accessories for the desks. Under the action...
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  • The role of the stand-up converter
    Many people now like to put their laptops on their laps during work. At this time, you may need a adjustable desk converters. Because this is actually a very bad habit. First of all, for notebook computers, this will inhibit the heat dissipation function of the notebook computer, which will have a bad impact on the performance of the notebook computer. Second, for users, the electronic If the...
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