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  • Create a platform like Coursera
    Nowadays, online learning has become very popular and in demand. An online learning platform helps you create online courses or train employees. This can become your main tool for developing an information business and a good start-up. The example of the development of a service like Coursera is very impressive. The platform has a user-friendly interface, a flexible pricing policy for users,...
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  • How to build an enterprise software
    Building an enterprise software involves many stages. By the way, there are several trends in it: they are serverless architecture, big data, automated testing, and so on.The most difficult issues to deal with are problems of cost, clear identification of what you want to get from the project, the quality of code, design, and the security of the app. So that you could successfully build...
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  • Outsourcing in Ukraine
    Outsourcing in Ukraine will provide you with a certain list of benefits. The matter is that this country has won many awards in this sphere and there are many great IT-companies. The number of startups here is also very impressed by the way. Besides, it’s easy to work with the companies here as long as many IT-specialists here have a decent level of English. If you think about the...
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  • How to develop an elearning website
    If you are looking forward to fetching how to develop an e-learning website, you should read the article by the link and follow the important steps to get it done.  Choose the type of e-learning website that you wish to develop. You can choose from traditional learning sites, open-source systems, ecosystems, and others.  Start developing from scratch by understanding the audience,...
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  • How to develop a location based mobile app
    Location-based applications center service around the user's location, which is determined by GPS, Cell ID, Beacon, or similar technologies. Most of these technologies act as a navigation device allowing a user to find the right locations, the path to those locations, or a specific person. Yet there are also geosocial, sports, business applications, and several other styles that make the most...
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  • Building an eCommerce app
    Functions to consider when building an eCommerce app We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main functions that will make the e-commerce application user-friendly. You can implement everything or make a list of minimum requirements for your project. Fast registration. Make registration and login as convenient as possible by giving users the opportunity to login with their mail and...
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  • Which CMS is best
    Companies also face challenges such as workflow mess and collaborative work problems, especially with remote colleagues, inadequate storage protection, low speed of processes, etc. We will be talking about the application of a knowledge management program in these situations. The industry has three of the best platforms: SharePoint, Alfresco, and Nuxeo. SharePoint's strong sides are teamwork,...
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  • How to develop a social media app
    Communication on social networks has become an integral part of modern society. We can quickly and conveniently contact a person anywhere in the world. In the era of the rapid development of mobile technologies and the growth of traffic from gadgets, mobile applications for social networks are in great demand. Source: How to develop a social media app Moreover, it is a great tool for making...
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  • How to develop a stock photo website
    You can ride the trend of photo and video content distribution. Now everyone can create photos and videos, share them, and earn money. Photo and video exchanges are the next big things.  We are here to make your life easier and tell you about the stages and challenges that await you. So, we wrote an article about how to make a stock photo website.  We've written about the business...
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  • How to provide DMS implementation
    Still moving the paperwork from place to place? Sending a colleague a Google document that gets lost?  Know more: document management system implementation for your business. I think it's time to implement an electronic document management system. We've done it many times and faced challenges and problems many times. And, of course, we've always found a solution.  In this article, we...
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