However, with how many difficulties players can point to, even when the entire business functioned exclusively on OSRS gold there is still a limit to how fast the difficulties can be worked out. Just like they said how they had been planning to tackle the Duel Arena in ancient 2021 prior to the community outcry and the community has already moved onto that subject to find other issues that need attention.

Pretty much, it's a lot easier and quicker to find flaws than to fix them, but they've been making a real effort. Like creating a C++ client for steam is a fairly major deal for just how little the community appears to have reacted. It's not an immediate resolution like suddenly having runelite since the official client on all platforms, but it is a step towards a lot of things we have been asking for for years.

OSRS has gotten a lot more devs and servers throughout 2020, so yeahit looks like at least a piece of the boost in Buy Runescape gold revenue/profit is being reinvested.

I worry that osrs getting the main cash cow incentivises jagex to drive for more cash grabbing practices in the game.

I am hoping it shows Jagex that you do not require intrusive MTX to make something that is extremely profitable in this day and age. They could add MTX to OSRS, but it would be very short sighted.I hope it continues to the stage they unavoidable eliminate mtx from rs3, in which case Im sure a great deal of players can go back to the game, increasing even further the subscription count. Very farfetched but yeLikely unlikely to receive removed entirely.