The maintenance of this part is divided into the inspection and repair of the moving blades and the static blades. When the moving blades are overhauled, they need to be vibrated with a hand hammer one by one. See if there is any movement of the blade. If so, it needs to be fastened, marked, and welded and strengthened.

In the interior of the vertical roller mill, the material after the sorter is ground and dried enters the part along with the air flow from the lower part for sorting operation. The purpose of sorting is to obtain a better quality of the finished product. There are moving and static blades, and the welding must be firm, otherwise it will cause accidents such as shutdown.

Remove the five moving blades in each layer of the squirrel cage of the fine grinder to leave enough space to observe the connection and wear of the stationary blades. Rotate the squirrel cage to check whether the connection of the stationary blades is welded or worn. The grinding parts need to be welded firmly with J506/Ф3.2 welding rod. Adjust the angle of the stationary blades, the vertical distance is 110 mm, and the horizontal angle is 17° to ensure the quality of powder selection.