Twitch streamer Quin69 finally got an impressive hardcore run in Path of Exile and entered the final hours of his ferrous stream. After Ludwig maintained a record-breaking record, Subathon records have been all the rage recently. But Quin's stream is unique because the timer will continue to add time to each subscriber until he can complete the merciless killing in Path of Exile.

In the past two weeks, the functional area has been in a slow state, and finally reached its goal by knocking down Maven. Maven is the most powerful boss in the game. Defeating the enemy in the run to death is an impressive achievement.

Quin started his marathon at the same time he launched Path of Exile: Ultimatum. The latest expansion of the game brings a series of changes and new versions. But for Quin, this poses a unique challenge for his audience. For each subscriber in this stream, 40 seconds are added to the timer, and the stream will not end until the timer is zero. However, now that he has completed the challenge of Path of Exile, the timer will no longer increase, and he will continue to bathe in victory and continue to flow until it runs out. POE Exalted Orb can greatly increase your chances of victory.

Twitch streamer Time LapseLV experienced the latter when playing Viktor in a recent game. Although there is no line of sight to the Baron, his team knows exactly what the enemy is pursuing. Unfortunately, for other teams, the final POE Currency to gain momentum in their favor was not successful.