Reborn baby dolls are a highly collectible niche within the doll-making industry. They have found a broad audience and fan base on the internet thanks to dedicated Facebook groups, fan clubs, and organizations.
When looking for a completed reborn doll, you’ll want to find qualified, professional artists with experience in the field. These artists typically sell in online stores, at conventions or other hobby conferences, and on collectible sites like eBay, auction houses, and museum shops. They may also sell their dolls in exclusive collections, like the Paradise Galleries One of a Kind Dolls Collection.Reborn dolls sold on sites like eBay are cheaper.
Prices for reborn dolls will vary widely depending on the amount of craftsmanship in the finished doll, how well-known the reborn artist is, and the demand for that particular doll.Standard prices range from hundreds of dollars as cheap to thousands of dollars as expensive.Of course, the quality of some cheap reborn dolls may not be satisfactory.

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