550 canvas of the practice of inkjet cloth .
The base fabric is 500X500D, 9X9, and is generally heavier, ranging from 320 g/m2 to 440 g/m2. The thickness ranges from 30 to 40 filaments. The main properties are smooth surface, bright paint color, thick and powerful.
The practice of the canvas is the 520 canvas.

The base fabric is 200X500D, 18X12, medium weight, from 250 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. The thickness ranges from 28 wires to 31 wires. The main properties are smooth surface, bright paint color, thick, and general tensile strength.

Calendering method.
The calendering method is to fully stir PVC powder and liquid plasticizers and other raw materials. After painting, it is glued into a whole by the pressure of the high temperature hot roller. It is characterized by good surface flatness and uniformity of light transmission, and has the advantage of lighter inner cloth, but the width is generally not more than 3 meters, and the United States is 3 meters. The 645 and 945 of the two light box cloths developed by M are produced using this technology, and the Lexi light box cloth developed by South Korea’s LG company is also a representative of this technology.

How to make the canvas: scrape with a knife.

The process of knife scraping the light box cloth is to apply the liquid PVC slurry to the front and back sides of the base fabric with several scrapers, and then completely combine them into a whole through a drying process, and then cool to form. Its characteristics are impermeability, tensile resistance, and peeling resistance. Strong ability, it is a whole product that is scraped by a knife. It can eliminate the demoulding phenomenon, and the splicing strength is greater than the product itself through welding. The width of the current light box is 5 meters wide. Due to the complex production process, the production equipment is more expensive. Therefore, in the Chinese market, these products are mainly imported and the prices are relatively high.

Portrait painting has rich colors and fast production process. It has been applied in many industries and promoted the development of the advertising industry, but sometimes the effect of portrait painting will be affected. What factors will affect it, let's take a look.

The first is portrait painting consumables. Consumables are divided into ink painting ink and medium size. The ink market has imported original, imported bulk and domestic bulk. Of course, the quality is good or bad. The better the quality, the more expensive the ink, but the spray paint effect will be better. The medium is mainly the outer lamp and the inner lamp of the lamp. There are a variety of mediums and brands on the market, with different prices and effects.

Secondly, for the daily maintenance of portrait painting machines, the nozzles should be cleaned regularly. When paintings are not painted for a long time, advertisements and paintings should be kept, and filters should be updated regularly. If the line is disconnected, it will seriously affect the overall effect of the screen.


Once again at the manual level of portrait painting machine operation, the color proofing and refutation processing in the portrait painting process requires manual operation. The two-step operation level will affect the effect of portrait painting. The computer graphics operation of the painting terminal is more complicated and needs to be based on the performance of the computer. , Media and ink to decide. Like color, this process often needs to be repeated many times to achieve a better color effect. This exists in subjective judgment and is prone to deviation. In order to reduce this deviation, coating companies generally train such operators on a regular basis.

Finally, use painting equipment. Paint spraying machine is divided into indoor unit and outdoor unit. The maximum painting width of the indoor unit is 2 meters, and the painting width of the outdoor unit can be up to 3 meters. In addition to the difference with the frame, it is also related to the brand and model used.

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