New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on September 28, 2021. The New World guides you through your exploration of Aeternum and a mystical land said to hide the secret of immortality. There’s plenty to do, including crafting, gathering, questing, and plenty of PVP opportunities. As you explore, you will discover beauty, danger, and opportunity at every turn. So in this article, we will go through top tips for New World, so you can get ahead of your opponent and be the best in the game. Let’s dive into the tips!

1. Level Up Quickly

As with many games like New World, the game really begins when you get to the level cap. 

In order to level up, you need to kill monsters and complete quests. Doing the main quest will give you a high amount of experience points, but multitasking is essential to make things efficient because of all the running around you have to do. Gathering and crafting equipment and consumables also grant experience; you will get many NW Coins by doing this and even craft gear upgrades for your character.

2. Level Up Crafting Skills

Crafting is a core gameplay element in New World. Multiple crafting skills allow the player to combine gathered and refined resources to create consumables, weapons, apparel, and house furnishings. The optimal way to level every profession is to start with gathering and end in your crafting the things you’ve gathered and refined. Gathering can be done anywhere in the open world that has the resources you’re looking for. Refining and crafting can be leveled by using specific workstations associated with a specific trade.

If you can specialize in a craft early in the game and the market goes your way, you could hit the big time and get rich off some sales by trading your crafted goods. In addition, late leveling a crafting skill unlocks more recipes and more powerful versions of them.

3. Complete The Right Quests

Main Story Quests in New World is a quest that must be completed to progress in the game. Some Main Story Quests may require that your character is at a certain level to be obtained. This can be more easily achieved by completing other Quests.

As well as the main story quests, Town Project quests are very good for XP and this is going to help you level up faster. Faction quests are also useful to pick up, and these can be knocked out very quickly. Look for combinations of faction quests and town project quests and try to do overlapping objectives as this is going to help you get more XP.

4. Understanding Factions 

Factions are large groups of people allied to one cause in the New World. There are three factions in New World – The Marauders, The Covenant, and The Syndicate. You’ll want to pick the one that’s right for you. Each faction has its own objectives and desires; they conflict with each other and determine which company you can join to vie for your faction’s control of Aeternum and each Territory within it.

Understanding the mechanics of factions and getting involved is a fun part of New World, with PVP being a massive game component. This will lead to better loot, so it’s worth teaming up with a few friends or joining with folks from your server.

5. Understanding Combat and Weapons

New World’s combat requires more than just tactical skill—your attacks have to connect with hitboxes, and there’s dodge and block timing to master. As you gain levels, you’ll be able to add points to a few base attributes. Also, given the lack of pure MMO classes, that means you can experiment with builds by putting together a combination of weapons and armor.

Weapons in New World are pieces of equipment used to deal damage to Enemies in battle. Weapons provide many different options and approaches to combat, allowing the player to deal damage in different ways. You can actively use two weapons in New World while carrying many more in your inventory. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to improve your weapons with gems. Gems either enhance a specific mastery skill or give you other benefits. Higher tier weapons later in the game come with more Gem slots, allowing for more powerful bonuses.

Use these top tips; players can bend the wilds to their will by hunting fierce beasts for food and crafting materials and harvesting valuable resources from the land to fuel your ascent to power. Was this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments section! If you want to know more guides, please visit here!