NBA 2K21 was released in September for use on the latest generation of game consoles, and once again used The Neighborhood as part of the MyCAREER mode. One of the biggest selling points of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5’s NBA 2K21 Next Generation is its evolution into the so-called The City. However, accessing The City is not as easy as starting MyCAREER in NBA 2K21 Next Generation, because you have to work hard before accessing it. If you are a player of NBA 2K21, purchasing NBA 2K21 MT can help you get more advanced players.

First, you need to start MyCAREER by creating your own player and browsing the introduction section. At some point, you should enter a menu where you can choose to play the next game and so on. If you scroll down on this menu, you should see an option to enter "City", but you cannot enter it yet. Before joining the league, you cannot enter the city, which requires you to reach a certain MYREP level in the game. You will start with Rookie I. You need to contact Pro I to get members' attention and suggestions to enter The City.

After the start of Rookie I, you must raise your level a bit. Before entering Pro I, you must first have Rookie II and Rookie III. The only way to improve your level here is to participate in the blacklist game, you will have to play and interact with the open field to enter. There are three 3v3 courts, and the fourth court is divided into two 1v1 games.

Winning the game will definitely provide you with more MYREP points, thereby improving your ranking, but you will find that it is always difficult to win depending on your teammates and opponents here. If you still perform well in the loss, you will get some points, but it is nowhere near winning. Indeed, your best option is to keep working hard until you get a good match to win and earn points in this way. After reaching Pro I, the game will tell you that you can choose a member and immediately visit The City for the first time in NBA 2K21 Next Generation. If you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT, then you will unlock more new features.