Garden Patio Furniture Manufacturer outdoor furniture mainly includes garden leisure furniture, rattan furniture, gardens, garden tables and chairs, rattan tables and chairs, garden tables and chairs, solid wood leisure furniture, Roman umbrellas, outdoor parasols, outdoor lounge chairs, outdoor trash cans, outdoor solid wood flowers Box, FRP flower box, stainless steel flower box, anticorrosive wood flower box, outdoor security pavilion, stainless steel security pavilion, glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, outdoor leisure table and chair, park table and chair, outdoor bench, park outdoor bench, outdoor leisure beach Chairs, but should be subdivided.

Each has many sub-categories due to application and situation. There are hundreds of classifications calculated in this way.

Only 3 to 4 kinds of materials are used, and outdoor furniture is also used. Among them, aluminum outdoor furniture is not only stylish and simple in appearance, but also because the aluminum itself is very light and the overall furniture is not heavy, it can be carried with you when you travel in addition to the balcony or courtyard at home. In addition to aluminum outdoor furniture, metal outdoor furniture also has the effect of iron, which will rust after exposure to the sun and rain, even in winter. Although summer is cool and hot, its advantages are also the main reason why many people love it. Especially, you can enjoy iron swings and hammocks. Compared with metal outdoor furniture, rattan furniture products also appeared relatively early, younger than metal outdoor furniture.


Rattan furniture is people's pursuit of indoor furniture materials, and it brings people the best comfort. That is the main reason why it can quickly occupy the market. In addition, if outdoor rattan furniture is placed on a balcony or terrace for a long time, its appearance will not be too prominent, so it is easy to match with the overall indoor furniture.


Gardens, sunshine, trees, flowers, fresh air and rattan furniture are the most natural.

Garden Rope Sofa Set Manufacturers rattan tables and chairs, whether it is the stone in the garden or the hardwood floor, have a natural texture, which is easy to integrate with the natural environment.