Babies need love and pampering. When they don’t get an adequate amount of sleep or sleeping pattern gets disturbed than they become cranky and certain health issue shows up. You really need to give a therapeutic massage to the baby to avoid an abrupt sleeping pattern. A gentle massage to a baby will promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Regular massage not only promotes relaxation & comfort but also hydrates and nourishes the baby’s skin. Moreover, it prepares the baby for a good & soundly night’s sleep.

You may use an oil or a relaxing massage balm for babies to make their experience more comfortable & enjoyable, as it lessens the friction between skins. Chamomile, almonds, lavender and petit grain bitter orange are some of the natural ingredients to look for while massaging a baby as it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction, skin irritation or a detox response.

Massage your baby once a day either while changing the diaper or during the night before sleep time to encourage a healthy digestive system, ease symptoms of colic and promote a quiet and restful night.

Steps to use baby massage:

· Set the mood, dim the light

· Place baby on a comfortable & safe surface

· Undress the baby

· With a gentle touch, target the right body parts like feet, legs, arms, chest and back

· When baby starts to fuss, it’s time to stop