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  • Infertility: How To Quit Smoking
    Smoking is undoubtedly a bad habit that is difficult to cut out of your life. It is an unhealthy habit that can not only affect your organs but it can also affect your reproductive system and cause infertility. Women who smoke 20 cigarettes a day can reduce natural fertility by over 20%. In men, smoking can lead to low sperm counts and slow sperm motility. So if you are trying to have a baby,...
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  • Using Clear Language To Achieve Your Goal
    Words have enormous power to help, to damage, to confuse or to clarify. Out tone can mean we are being genuine or sarcastic, this must be extremely confusing for people trying to learn our language. We make it even harder by speaking in metaphors, which would make no sense at all to a learner of English. A smoker is at a crossroads in their lives. That has two meanings, of course you are not...
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  • Would You Like To Make A Bet?
    I'm pretty sure that the sun will come up in the morning so I would bet on that. Aliens could invade the earth tomorrow but I wouldn't like to take a wager on that. In life there are all kinds of certainties and uncertainties and none of us ever know how the cards will fall. But in some areas of life we know the odds more stacked for or against us. As a smoker the odds that smoking will kill...
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  • What Is Your Smoking Style?
    I was recently having an early morning coffee at Mooloolaba beach. A few metres in front of where I sat was a very fit young woman, she surprised me by lighting up a cigarette. I noticed the glances a few walkers gave her as they sped by, perhaps a whole series of judgements in their minds. But none of this was remarkable except for the way the young women smoked her cigarette. She put on a...
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  • Does Your Religion Help You Or Hinder You?
    Every smoker who wants to quit cigarettes brings their belief system with them to the hypnosis session. This includes your religious beliefs. There are two schools of thought I have encountered. The mind is God's domain and hypnosis is verging on an evil intrusion. However I have seen some Christian hypnosis being offered which I assume somehow bi-passes the whole evil thing.The second belief...
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  • The Only Man In The Street
    Recently in Brisbane we had a huge downpour of rain following a tropical cyclone in the north of the state. On the heaviest day schools were closed and most shops as well. Late in the day during a lull in the rain I walked outside of our inner city apartment and the streets were empty of people and cars. All except for one man, standing alone outside of an office building, as I was trying to...
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  • What If Cigarettes Were Invented Today?
    I imagine an inventor's television programme where one of the contestants has invented a new thing called the cigarette. "So what is it made from?" It's a plant called tobacco which is dried and processed with a variety of chemicals. "How many chemicals" After it burns about 4000 chemicals most of which are highly toxic and over 200 can enter the brain. "Is it safe?" People like it! "How do you...
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  • Letting Go Of The Guilty Cigarette
    Just recently I went into the home of an acquaintance and they seemed to look a little guilty. It seemed kind of odd until I smelled the tell-tale odor of cigarettes. I didn't realise this person smoked, and given by profession they preferred for me not to know. I have no judgement on this person or any other smoker, I'm just there when they need to quit. This person is not alone in the...
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  • Which Habit Do You Want To Be a Slave To?
    Most smokers who want to quit acknowledge that they are a slave to their cigarette habit. The rest either don't want to quit or are in denial. Recently I asked a potential quit client what would happen if she didn't have any cigarettes in the middle of the night. She immediately said she would drive around until she could find a service station open. Talk about a slave to her habit! I rephrased...
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  • My response to these excuses
    Having helped over 2,000 to quit smoking I believe I have heard every possible reason for not being able to quit. My response to these excuses, which are keeping people trapped, is often very similar. "What is special about you?" If people all around the world are quitting smoking what is so special about you that prevents you from quitting. Most people have stress in their lives, most feel...
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