Google Search Console has been upgraded with a brand new kind of filter that allows site owners to identify impressions and traffic produced through news tabs. News tab.

Similar to other search type filters available in Search Console This one can be accessed via the Performance Report which contains all of the website's Google data on traffic.


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The performance report's data can be filtered using a variety of dimensions.

One of these dimensions is "Search Type", which refers to the various tabs that are displayed beneath that search bar.

Search Console does not support all types of search, but Google is increasing its search capabilities as time passes.

With the introduction of News with News, the following search types are included by the report on performance:





Google claims that its ability to remove traffic information in its News tab is something that's been often demanded by webmasters.


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There hasn't been away for Search Console users to isolate, analyze and compare the traffic coming through the tab for news.

Now, it's possible to analyze the data in its entirety or even compare it to a particular collection of data.

It is important to remember that grouping data using different search types is not accepted.

This means that you cannot use, for instance, the combination of data to get Web + News results.

Google states that this is due to the fact that the resulting layout of the page is different for every search type.

A result that is in the 30th position in search results for images could be still on the first page however, a position 30 result in web results will show up on the third.

Due to the differences in the layout of the search results pages due to the different layouts of search results pages, information for each search type is saved in a separate location.

A URL can be displayed in both news and web news results. However, the click, impression, and location data of the website are separately recorded for news and web results.


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